Positive Sorrow

positive sorrowThe sorrow , a word that no one wants to feel in their life, it’s always painful and bone cracking memories for everyone. Everyone’s desire to find the happiness and spent whole life in the search of happiness and never able find the happiness. You can enjoy only some happy moments in life and start suffering from the pain of sorrow, and still you are excited with sorrow that will be with you till death. So why we are too much crazy in search of happiness.

You will be always happy, this type of statement never existed in this world. Of course you have to taste the sorrows in your life more often. So why not start the thinking from the different dimensions, just flip the both words “start the feeling of happiness on the word of sorrow and be sad for the happiness word. So that’s way you will get more than 90 percent happiness with some sad moments. If you are facing more frequently sorrow than your heart will be more calm and rigid and after a pick period of sadness you will feel less pain from the sorrow. Heartbreak, tragedy, painful incidents and there are many more reason that always stuck our heart with sorrow. After the hitting of sorrow storm we always start acting as weird human kind.

It is a bit tricky, but gradually our heart gets so hard that we feel less pain. The people will feel a bit upset, but will we die in such a pain. Strange thing, we always keep on looking for happiness, but we keep on taunting those miseries that always stay together in our lives.

Why do not we make those misfortunes as our companions, and treat them as our friends, A friend who was with us in every sorrow.

“rashid ali”


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