Naked Edge of Democracy

naked edge of democracyI think, we should not talk about the worldly things. There is no such things are existed in this universe. There is no need of human right, no violation of laws, no rape cases, zero corruption and nothing going wrong, we are all happy and living in the luxurious life. We are the advance civilization so we kill every unborn who will be criminal in the future and crime ratio is almost zero.

I am very thankful to every political party who creates such a beautiful world for us. Our politicians almost achieved the nirvana so they already know the every problem’s solution and I am also thankful to the foolish population who always choose the great Natas for the development.

They have magical development tools like riots, terrorism planting, religious issues and many more that always helps us to build a great nation.

Every person must wash the feet of politicians, they take an oath and deliver the one thousand percent (1000%) it’s beyond the imagination just enjoy the development. Now we are planning the human colonization on the sun, you can check on the NASA website (ha ha ha).

O foolish people train your brain, don’t be drained by brainless people.

“ rashid ali ”


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