Illusion of truth


How many times you fight for your truth, you were fighting and thinking that this the right side and your truth is the real truth. But you never tested and thinking of rightness, but you are on an off track. It’s true you were sick and fighting for evil side instead of truth. It’s very common part of human behaviour, whenever it’s coming for profit and loss and selfishness, then you will be always right by your side and you will not hesitate to kill the any innocent person or exploited.
Nowadays people are scared and hiding their goodness in many layers _ they always ask to help from the CREATOR.
Instead of this they are little weak also in faith and think what will happen if the people will know that there is some goodness in my heart, of course they will kill me. We are Chasing the evil desire, and confident about the information that is bred through the planned and plotted media.
Most of the world population grabbed by the evil desire, and start worshipping direct or indirectly.
It’s not easy to understand the real truth because the new evil desire plotted and implanted from the many decades still they are working on it.
Now every truth is diminished like an endangered species and dimming continuously.
There is no box there is no out for you, you are trapped by the illusion of truth that is not a real truth, and it’s evil.
Perhaps it’s more indication for you if you are on the right and also for them who are on the edge.
We are in the trap of mass hypnosis, and sinking into darker dearth with no gate.

“rashid ali”


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