The Death of Humanity

the death of humanity

I am not able to tell you that I don’t like your ways to impress me, maybe you analyzed me on wrong way. I simply like simple things, what you are doing by your own way not copied from bookish research ‘how to impress anyone” it’s very simple so don’t try to impress anyone then of course, you will find that he/ she is surely impress with you.

It’s totally different that I am talking about; I am not talking about how to impress anyone, I am talking about why you are trying to impress anyone, to a good person to get attention “oh sorry, that’s mean a very evil person” now who is remaining in the good condition except some natural things like plant leaves are still green, dogs are still barking, the sun still rises from the east and set in the west. But our human natures totally change if you know some things is good, then you have to change your perception according to the current era evolution of mental disability of the society.

Now every good is evil and every evil is marvelous so don’t try to teach anyone the lesson of goodness. Because you will be stand-alone against the all humanity “sorry against the evil humans” because there is no any concept of humanity. All humanity killed by social reformers like politician, government and blah blah blah.

Really, it’s not easy, neither too hard, just its undefinable condition of human degradation not development. We are really a slut, we are protesting to change the goodness and want to implement all devilish practices.

Now we are more naked by mind, by heart, you can’t frame a devilish desire in the criteria of empowerment, what you know about empowerment; actually we are more far far away from the real empowerment. We are ignoring or really ignorant, simply I am not convinced by your desire and justification to overlap the personal desire for everyone.

Now this is an end of the development, you can see clashes everywhere; no any country has remained safe from devil effect. Society protectors and developer are sold and they are agent of evil, they are implanting hate in the every mind.

rashid ali


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