Distraction for country destruction

May be its flattened distraction of my mind that the reason I am not able to solve the real problem of my society and the country, “Why I am not able to contribute or neither wants to contribute to a second of penny to society”, oh this is not only thought of mine, nowadays every young mind is totally distracted by the unfamiliar phase of their devilish passionate desire to be slave of evil and also worshipping them not to GOD

Now we are becoming a bunch of goons and losing our sense of differentiating between good and bad. Every definition to define the truth is change, a person with simplicity, then we are calling him ‘a foolish person’ and for cheaters, liars and murderer they are indicated with very honoured title ‘a wise person’ and ‘a great icon’. It’s a very crucial statement of personality disaster that we are unable to find out real existing or bad contra of splitting personality for ourselves. That is not too easy or much difficulty to refine the real crux of existence motives. We are fighting for peace, but we are really making noise and pouring the pollution. We are campaigning for the environment, but harassing the environment most.

Why  development facilities, services and  plan prepared and launch directly or indirectly  to only for the rich one, always we focus to reduce the poverty and make many plans and launching the scheme and filling the pockets of rich people. All schemes are black shame spot and always proved as a joke upon the poor people because they never able to access the scheme even they don’t know how to access the scheme.

To know the information or access the services they have to pay some money or whatever the officer demand.

You can say that every impotent political government always fails to create a solution and also not able to resolve the problem they creating much dangerous situation for common people , politicians always out of range from any disaster  they are freely roaming in their luxury car. I have never supported any political party because I need a another system to serve the nation, why we are handing over the power to the goons and fools that is totally weird, we are investing our tax for development, but always feel guilty like a raped woman who is not able to get justice neither no one supporting .This situation is similar to every voter who gave the vote for development and feel great for electing a great party but it’s the only joke of the dump.

“rashid ali”


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