A perfect dream ‘to be good’

Perhaps it’s forgetfulness; this is a reason that I have not enough traces of that special moment and an untouched. An untouched memory of feeling. Why i am calling this untouched memory of my life. That moment I lived alone no one was with me. This was the beginning of winter and unknown journey of life event attached with my time that always beckoned on the way to show something. This is very common to me that I always met worst unknown people in my life only some are good and notable. I think all are planned by the fate I never planned anything specifically for anything.

What is the destiny and what is the last point of destination, what you want to wish and what other want to wish. Whole life always we spend on this question of frame and never got any solution.it is very simple why we are seeking specified dreams element that is totally vanishing element. Only one thing will be remain, a true love that always comes from the pure heart. So if you want to live forever then you need to purify your heart.

Perhaps we failed to stay as good because we never wants be as good. Our inner Evil most time wins so we must keep patience and keep trying for goodness.
Some time I feel that I lost totally my mind and everything and stayed blanked after that feeling. May be it will occur to you also. But not necessity to blow up your mind just keeps calm as possible manner and don’t let evil whisper in your ear. That was a dream to be a good in nature and good in behaviour. But what we expect that never happens. That dream, which I saw in a dream how, can be true that was just a dream.

“rashid ali”


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