Your evil dimension

I am crossing many ages by experience, its mean I am not talking about my age that am living from thousand years, but of course if am supporting truth that’s mean I am more than thousand year old.
You are genius absolutely genius because you are following that principle Hitler’s principle and what exactly want to do. Just try to remember your old days when you were too much young but your ideas were just raw and funny, because you were on stage of learning with an innocent mind and heart. You never try to harm anyone neither hates any others from different background but now mind grow much more as your age. Now your mind is mature that can differentiate between good and evil but you lost your all innocence, truth and real traces of life behavior


How poor incident happen with you, “sorry I can’t help you” you are not ignorant just you are ignoring the fact of truth. It’s your evil side, if you ignoring the truth that’s mean you are the best supporter of evil forces.

You have no acceptance desire of reality and you always imagine yourself as genius and blame on others “that reason people are not able to understand your ideas and thoughts”. But it’s only your imagination; seriously you are totally wicked and want to implement whole ideas in the society by forced.
If you care the others for any reason it’s may be your wrong side of goodness. Why we are paying attention for anyone for a reason, it’s your vision but you are not acting as wisdom.
You need to understand the fiction and Indian society friction, it seems young mind and Indian society moving and preferring the fictional development steps with leaving all human rights and human element of humanity. So it can be reason of friction in the society. It’s true everyone can’t be a wise person except only few and its indicating all is fools and goons. Here we believe in number, more in number mean it can be accept as truth whatever the truth, the whole society agrees with white lie.
Of course I am agree about this fact  and this type fact always remind me a true story, Galileo(a well-known)suffered for his theory by fools. We must understand the real agenda of politician’s, if not then ready to push the India into darkness for thousand years. I simply just wanted to live with peace and also wish to happiness to all faces. Always we preach ourselves “logical Indians” but I am not agreeing about this tag that we choose for ourselves. Simply it can be tag as “a country of senseless, with dump brain people”.
Do not try to read this if you have no capacity to extract the reality.

“rashid ali”

your evil dimension
your evil dimension

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